Starting With Joe Vitale Books to Learn Strategies for the Law of Attraction

People who are interested in delving into information about the law of attraction might start with some Joe Vitale books. The author is well-recognized as an expert on the topic and provides an astonishing amount of helpful guidance in his books, audio CDs and DVDs.

A Powerful Force

The law of attraction may be considered a powerful force that, when harnessed, helps people achieve nearly anything they desire. Career success, financial abundance, health and wellness, and strong personal relationships are the most common areas for which people seek help.

It all starts with belief that the person can have a better life and begin manifesting what he or she wants. The law of attraction provides the power to make this happen. Each person has the opportunity to become happier and healthier, have better relationships and bring in substantially more income.

A Case in Point

As with certain other authors on the topic, Mr. Vitale is an interesting case in point because he started with so little. Once homeless and living on the streets, the man learned how to attract and create success at an amazing level. He has a continued strong desire to impart that knowledge and various techniques to everyone who is interested.


One strategy used in this concept is detachment from strong desire, which may seem counterintuitive. But consider what happens when someone has a goal of manifesting an extra $10,000 over the next six months. Approaching the goal with playfulness instead of intense determination is more likely to generate success, according to law of attraction masters. Seeing life as a game allows people to have a lighter and more positive attitude. They don’t go after their goals with a sense of desperation and need.

An Abundance of Books

Mr. Vitale has published more than 100 books, so people interested in reading works by this author have a plethora of options. They might decide to read one a month or even one every week if they have the time. Getting the books on CD or digital format allows a person to listen in the car or while doing housework or yard work.