What You Need To Know About Vaping

When one thinks of vaping, it’s common to imagine the popular e-cig of recent years. The e-cig has been seen as the safer alternative to smoking traditional tar-filled cigarettes. These products use flavored “liquid juices” with a wide range of nicotine levels, varying from high amounts to none at all. This allows the user to eventually enjoy the flavor of the vape without the addition of nicotine. Today’s vaping has gone farther than e-cigs and flavored “juices” though. Vaping has now expanded to also includes those who enjoy vaporizing various herbs. Vaporizing dry herbs allows the extract of the herb to be released in a safe manner, without any of the dangers included in the traditional ways of smoking.

Herbal vaping is loosely based on the common practice of aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, herbs are heated and burned to receive the benefit that comes from within the various plants. Of course, burning it, even though it’s not tobacco, allows dangerous toxins to be released into the air, potentially harming the body. Vaping, on the other hand, is a safer choice, as no burning is involved. The herb is heated to a specific temperature, allowing the beneficial elements of the herb to be safely absorbed into the body. Additionally, herbal vaping is more effective than either aromatherapy or smoking. A more concentrated medicinal level of the herb is released while using a smaller dosage than would be required with traditional use.

Though some want to reap the benefits of vaporizing cannabis, others use a variety of herbs to relieve ailments from colds and flu to anxiety and depression. Vaporizing an antibacterial herb such as eucalyptus can prevent colds and relieve sinus pressure and congestion. Likewise, the stimulant power from vaporizing green tea is known to help with both pain and depression. A soothing herb like chamomile has a sedative effect when vaporized. This helps with sleep as well as anxiety, headaches and even digestive issues.

Though vaporizing herbs may not be widely known to all at this time, it is proving to be a promising way to safely reap the many benefits of using various natural herbs. Our forefathers commonly used natural and herbal supplements to cure many illnesses and ailments. It’s safer than prescription drugs and most definitely deserves a second look.